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New Life in God's Love Home
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Church of the Resurrection
Church of the Resurrection

We are people who find new life in God’s expansive, inclusive, infinitely generous love. Our purpose is to help God love the world into wholeness by experiencing and sharing heavenly hope in earthly reality. Our roots are in scripture, tradition and reason in the Anglican Way of “both/and” comprehensiveness. Our wings are in the power of the Holy Spirit to move in fresh ways to guide us. We live into our purpose by the following ways:

Spiritual formation. We give our innate spirituality shape and substance in the context of religion and reality. This happens in worship, sacraments, study, serving God together, and the practice of spiritual habits like prayer, meditation, and fasting.

Purposeful Community. We gather to share comfort in caring, joy in sharing, and strength in hope by seeking, finding, and serving God in each other and our neighbors. How we care and share speaks for our purposefulness, and it changes as the needs around us change.

Developing and Energizing Disciples. Disciples are people seeking to follow Jesus with intention, to live our faith in action. We do this by cultivating spiritual disciplines (habits), learning about Divine presence power and purpose, and sharing faith as well as doubt. In the process of listening and responding to God leading us to make a difference, we find relevance and meaning.

The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection • 147 Campbell Avenue at Center Street • Williston Park, NY 11596 • Tel: 516 746-5527