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Church of the Resurrection
  Grand Re-Opening of Bargains and Blessings Thrift Shop, Saturday, October 7th, 10am-4pm
Date posted: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017
Please join us for the Grand Re-opening of the Bargains and Blessings Thrift Shop, Saturday, October 7th, 10am-4pm
Brand new Merchandise!!! Clothing for the Whole Family, Home Accessories, Sporting Goods, Books, Children's
Toys. New Hours: Thursdays and Saturdays, 10am-4pm.

"Tea and Scripture" is now "Bible Study Wednesdays" at 10:30AM
Date posted: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Thrift Shop Closed for July and August
Date posted: Tue, Jun 27th, 2017
Grand Re-Opening In September. New Look, New Items!!

Now receiving Donations for "NEXT TO NEW" condition items
especially children and young adult clothing, sports equipment, and tools

If you have a calling for Volunteering at our newly revitalized "Bargains and Blessings Thrift Shop," please contact us: 516-746-5527

New Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-1, Tuesday and Friday 9-12
Date posted: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Bloomers will continue growing over the Summer and reconvene in September
Date posted: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

Contemplative Prayer is Back
Date posted: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016
What is it? How does it work? Come for an introduction and opportunity to practice at 9:30 am every Wednesday (except the week after Christmas). We will be done by 9:50 before the Healing Service people arrive.

Think carefully before speaking with people about the election and aftermath.
Date posted: Thu, Nov 10th, 2016
Everybody is on edge. Avoid pressing your opinions, gloating, minimizing, or pretending we have not lost something. We need time to heal and grieve. Respect each other, tread gently. Pray, listen, and wait for a time when people are calmer, better rested, and humbly open to deep listening and honest sharing. Only then can we join together to move forward for what is right and good for all.

What is Being Christian?
Date posted: Thu, Nov 10th, 2016
Jesus was all about self-giving love for the good of all, no exceptions, not even his enemies. God's transforming love heals and restores wholeness. If we will it to be and help it to be, we are part of this power of love. Only then can resurrection hope give birth to reconciliation. It's time to stand up for and with Jesus Christ as he is known in the Gospels and early Christian Writing. He is our model of self-giving love and service to others, even our enemies, for Divine Love is greater than any evil in any form.

Faith Hope Caring Honesty Compassion.
Date posted: Sat, Oct 15th, 2016
These are our parish core values. Help us live into them.

Our parish vision is to be a faithful embodiment of Jesus Christ's transforming love.
Date posted: Sat, Oct 15th, 2016

Our mission is to spread the positive energy of Jesus Christ's self-giving love through worship, prayer, service, learning and hospitality. How are we doing?
Date posted: Sat, Oct 15th, 2016

Grand Re-Opening of
Date posted: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

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